Cosy pillow next to window overlooking chilly exterior

Bring Some Colour to Your Décor in Winter

New Zealand winters can dampen the mood. With the cold, the shorter days, and the gloomy skies, there’s always a chance to feel some seasonal blues. While we all head back indoors, it’s become more important to create warm, inviting, and uplifting home environments! Below, we explore some cost-effective ways to brighten up your home’s interiors so you can enjoy a cozy retreat from the cold weather.

Start accessorising

It may look dreary outside, but the inside of your home doesn’t need to be! Sometimes, all you need is to experiment with the little things you already have. Dig up low-commitment accessories that won’t need to be permanent fixtures. You can swap in pillow covers with warmer fabrics to add more colour and lay out a few more blankets to make your furniture more inviting.

Add fresh plants and flowers

Houseplants or a vase full of fresh flowers can liven up your space. Living houseplants or fresh flowers can instantly brighten a dark corner, help decrease psychological distress, and create a colourful remedy to gloomy days.

Paint in your favourite colour

Don’t be afraid of painting your room’s walls to your favourite colour! After all, paint is pretty easy to change. If you want less commitment, you can try painting an accent wall. It’s an excellent way to bring colour in an impactful way.

Be bold with prints

Along with colour, don’t be afraid to add prints! There are many ways you can incorporate proud and bold prints into your space. Whether they’re in to form of wallpapers, patterned upholstery, murals, or large-scale art, having a statement piece can do wonders to your space, no matter the weather.

Light it up

Because it’s darker outside during winter, people tend not to get enough light, which can affect their mood. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to ignite some warmth and light inside and outside your homes. Keep it cozy with twinkly holiday lights. Cozy up the living room by lighting some scented candles. Adding pendant lights and reading lamps can also invigorate your space for a brighter and warmer home interior.

Personalise with precious mementos

It’s important to remember that seasonal sadness is just that—it will pass. Until then, you can bask in a space surrounded by your favourite mementos that bring back good memories and trigger positive emotions. Hang up artwork made by family or picture frames with photos of loved ones. Display your favourite books or souvenirs from your travels, such as patterned blankets that invoke a sense of adventure. All these can serve as powerful mood boosters that won’t break your bank!

Choose the right blinds

You can also spice things up by changing your window coverings. Wooden or faux wood Venetian blinds are an excellent way to add warmth to your space while custom printed blinds also add a unique character to your space.

Add warmth and comfort to your space this winter with NZ Blinds!

You don’t need costly room renovations to brighten up your space during winter. All you need is a little room for creativity and a willingness to experiment. At NZ Blinds, we can help transform your home into a much more relaxing place filled with positivity and joy.

We offer an extensive range of blinds that come in various styles, colours, and material to add colour to your homes. We also offer custom made blinds and can print any high-resolution image, photograph, or design for a creative and fun look to your home! For high-quality blinds, contact us today!

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