Roller blind featuring printed sunflowers and a blue sky above.

Custom Made Roller Blinds for Your Home or Business

From famous city and scenic images to family portraits and graffiti walls, designer roller blinds can completely change a room with their individuality. Perhaps this your chance to use a photograph from a special holiday or a creative way to display a favourite painting?
Once you are open to the idea of custom made roller blinds you’ll find the only limitation is your imagination.
Where Are Designer Blinds Used?
In a residential capacity, custom made blinds look especially good in children’s bedrooms, bathrooms, and living spaces.  We also supply many interior designers, architects, and design students – any professional or business wanting to make a WOW statement with a roller blind. Are you a café or restaurant owner looking for ways to get your delicious dishes out onto the street? This could be your answer.  Check out our gallery page to see some of the custom made work we have done in the past.
Where Can I Source Images?
Our designer blinds page houses a few examples but most customers already have something specific in mind.  High-resolution images (minimum of 300 dpi) you or a photographer have taken is an innovative and memorable way of showcasing a product, business logo or tagline. Perhaps there is special sales promotion coming up or the company is being rebranded? Here is an opportunity to present a product in a way beyond the norm.  Alternatively, image libraries such as Shutterstock, Getty Images, StockAdobe and Chillybin (specialising in NZ images) have literally millions of images you can purchase with a license to use in the commercial space. Other libraries like Pixabay and Pexels offer commercial free images at no charge.
Always check that you have the correct licensing rights for an image to avoid fines and disappointment. It is your responsibility to ensure that you own the copyright of the image, or have the permission of the copyright holder to use the photograph in this way.
What if the image does not suit the shape of the window?
In most cases, we can make adjustments by either cropping the image or adding a white border. Because of the nature of custom made designer blinds we expect there to be some altering in order to achieve the look that you want. The more information we have, the better the result.  And so there are no unwanted surprises, our studio emails you a PDF of every order, showing how the image will look when scaled to your window’s dimension. Rest assured the blind will not be produced until we have your approval. This way, our customers know exactly what the finished product will look like.
What about Fading?
Our custom made roller blinds are made using sunscreen or blackout blinds which are designed to dramatically reduce fading. Images have a high colour-fast setting too, so they do not run or change when spot cleaned.  Though we offer a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty on all our blinds, we expect the blinds to last well in excess of this. It is for these reasons large companies such as Horncastle Homes, Terra Nova, and AMP trust us to supply high volume roller blinds for their commercial projects.  Start building your custom made roller blind following our easy-to-use online form.
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