A girl snuggled up in a blanket by a window, staring out at the frosty weather.

How to Care for your Home in Winter

Yes, Sir, Autumn has well and truly left the building. As temperatures in New Zealand drop and the heating gets cranked up, people are quite literally hibernating for the next 3 to 4 months.

Typically your electricity bill is going to rise in winter – it just goes with the territory, but having quality roller blinds in place, insulation and following some sensible guidelines your rooms are going to be warmer for longer, keep the family healthier, keep costs down and create a better living environment for everyone.

Here are seven things you can do RIGHT NOW….

  1. Heat only the room you’re in
  2. Use timers on heaters (including heated towel rails)
  3. Ventilate
  4. Wear warm clothes (thermals, socks, and merino wool)
  5. Check your blinds for moulds and consider thermal backed blinds
  6. Block those drafts
  7. Dry washing in the sun

Ventilation is Key

To keep your roller blinds in tip top condition over winter, ventilate whenever you can. We’re not asking you to throw open the windows if it’s snowing outside, but even if it’s just for half an hour each day at the warmest time when you also enjoy some winter sunshine and natural light will make a difference. Like a bach that has been locked up for several months, your home needs to “take in” some fresh air and blow out the cobwebs. This will help keep mould and mildew away, especially if your home isn’t equipped with a ventilation system, such as HRV or SmartVent. Opening your windows and doors helps push out old, stale air and replace it with new fresh air.

Your kitchen offers the perfect conditions for mould and mildew to thrive, so make sure it is well ventilated by using an extractor fan or opening a nearby window. It will also remove contaminants from the air.

Bathrooms also need special attention, and if you’ve never seen a Showerdome before these can make a considerable difference. By keeping the shower fully contained while the shower cools, stops the rush of steam hitting the cold air and creating weeping walls, mould, mildew and paint damage. Alternatively, use an extractor fan or dehumidifier.

NZ Blinds’ range of contemporary faux wood, aluminium and certain roller blinds are all good choices for kitchen and bathroom privacy and security. Let us know if you’re not sure which roller blinds to choose and we are happy to advise. Simply fill in “Need Help? section in the footer on every page of our website.

The high man-made materials we use in our vertical, roller and designer blinds mean mould and mildew will never be a big house cleaning task, however, no window product is 100% free of maintenance. To see how easy its to clean your blinds with materials you already have at home, read our tips for cleaning and general care.

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