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The Perfect Blinds for Every Room of the House

Different spaces in your home need different lighting solutions when it comes to implementing blinds. There are reasons why home design experts wouldn’t put venetian blinds in the bedroom, or blackout blinds in the living room! Initially, most people may not think these choices matter, but they have long-term effects on how you interact with your home and how it can best serve you in the long run.

In this blog, we’ll explain what blinds work best in every room in the house and explain why. Let’s dive in!

Dining & Living Areas

The dining and living room areas are places of community for family to come together and chill out. For this reason, maximising the amount of natural light your communal spaces get is a significant contributing factor when choosing blinds. In the same breath, it’s important to have blinds that add to the overall look and feel of the space without hindering the interior design.

While taking these factors into account, the first things you need to do when deciding on communal space blinds is to determine how much sunlight you get and which direction the house faces. If you get a good amount of afternoon light in your communal areas, sunscreen blinds could be a sleek and stylish option that offers soft light while protecting these areas from harsh UV light that can be harmful to both the furniture and you! If you are less worried about afternoon light and want an option that will help maximise on the natural light you do get, shutter blinds can be a good choice.

The Master Bedroom

The master bedroom tends to be the most thoughtful bedroom in the house from an interior design perspective. It is usually a spacious room, and this element can either be enhanced or hindered by the blinds you get. In a bedroom, you want soft, peaceful light all day long, and just enough natural light in the morning to let you rise slowly with the sun.

Our recommendation for master bedroom blinds would be some sunscreen roller blinds, as these blinds provide a soft coverage that prevents the sun from glaring straight into your room first thing in the morning, yet still allowing natural light to warm the room with ease. Of course, if you’re really not a morning person, you won’t be into the idea of sunscreen blinds that only partially block the light. For the night owls who find solace in a dark room, blackout blinds are probably more suited to you.

Kids’ Rooms

In kids’ rooms, comfort is key. Providing a space for children that has regulated temperatures and consistent levels of darkness at night will ensure they sleep better (and you’ll have fewer night-time disruptions too). Thermal blackout blinds can be great in any kids’ bedroom as they ensure that the heat is trapped inside all winter long, while doing a great job at keeping the room shadow-monster free all night long.

Our honeycomb blinds can do the trick for this type of space as they have both innovative insulation and blackout properties. Additionally, they roll up easily, even when used by small, amateur hands. Your kids can add opening their blinds to their morning routine and let natural light into their room throughout the day without extra help from you.


The kitchen is a functional space, so you want to get as much natural light flooding in as possible so you can see what you’re doing while cutting up the veges. At the same time, you want kitchen blinds to be mess-proof so that when spillages happen, they can be easily wiped clean. Lastly, you don’t want your kitchen blinds to be able to flap about or get caught in anything dangerous.

Taking all these factors into account, our recommendation for the kitchen is aluminium venetian blinds. Venetians are by far the easiest blinds to clean, as they can be wiped down with a cloth or a venetian slat cleaner. The aluminium material works best in the kitchen as it is the most flame retardant and moisture repelling. For a more modern look, faux wood venetian blinds are another great choice, as they are completely waterproof and won’t warp with heat.


The main factor to consider in the bathroom is, of course, privacy. Additionally, it’s important to consider that the bathroom is a humid, wet space, so you need to choose blinds that are both high-coverage and waterproof. This rules out most fabric and wooden blinds as they may be susceptible to mould in such a damp space.

Venetian blinds are most commonly used in the bathroom. They can easily be adjusted to balance privacy and light, and come in a range of materials. Faux wood venetian blinds or aluminium blinds are your best options here, as they are both mould and rust-resistant.

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