Two roll directions are available -neither are right or wrong.
Back Roll or Normal works best when face fitted for room darkening as it can roll close to the window frame.  Down side is that on fabric that has a different coloured backing, the backing will be visible on the rolled up portion of the blind.
Front Roll or Reverse is modern and the roll is hidden by the fabric.  Works well at holding fabric away from handles etc.

In Summary:

Back Roll (normal)

Fabric rolls off BACK of tube – towards glass
Better light block – fabric hangs closer to window/glass, architrave or wall
Best light block when face fitted using block out fabric
NOTE; Roll will be visible which may not be acceptable if fabric back is a different colour e.g. white backed block out fabrics




Front Roll (reverse)


Fabric rolls off FRONT of tube – towards room
Allows more light penetration around the sides of the blind, particularly in outside mount applications – fabric sits further away from the window/glass
Suited for window reveal installation
Roll will not be visible so may be preferred option when fabric back is a different colour e.g. white backed fabrics
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