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What We Can Learn from TV Home Makeovers

Home Renovation shows are as popular as ever. We love to see the ups and downs of the people involved and find new ideas for our own homes. Turns out these episodes are full of life lessons to be learned as well, with communication and realistic expectations topping the list.

Here are some words of wisdom every home renovation show has in common and what YOU should keep in mind for that next project.

Projects take longer than you thought.

Unpredictable weather, supply delays or a structural problem proving to be bigger than first thought. These are perfect examples of ‘hiccups’ which are out of our control but present themselves on most renovations.

Projects cost more than you have allowed for.

In fact, on average between 10-20% more. This is typically very closely linked with the hiccups mentioned above or the lack of quotes before embarking on the project at hand.

It’s so important to have the right tools.

Trying to complete a home-improvement project with inferior tools only results in a lot of bad language and yet another trip to the hardware store. Some advice from your local hardware store about what you need for the job can save you time and money in the long run.

Convenience is key.

Online shopping, helpful online tutorials, products that come with all the tools you need – these are what dreams are made of for home-improvers. Be sure to check out customer reviews of products and services as well.

You’re not an expert overnight.

Just because you bought the most expensive electrical gadget at Bunnings, doesn’t mean you know what to do with it. A bit like purchasing a gym membership only to realise you’ll actually have to frequent the gym in order for your fitness to improve. Lots of handy jobs you can do yourself, but know when to employ experts such as an electrician or plasterer for a safe, professional result.

Designs and tastes change.

Going for neutral tones on your walls and windows is a great start towards a fresh, easy-care home. Don’t be tempted to add feature walls in every room of the house, it’s no longer 1995. Bring out your personality via soft furnishings, art and furniture or with our custom printed designer blinds. If you are painting a room, think about investing in new blinds to make the room look fresh and new. Installing the same curtains or blinds again tends to drag down the beautiful paint job you’ve just completed.

For an impressive range of blinds in modern colours and textures, your best start is here. Plus, we offer free shipping*.

*excludes outlying rural areas or islands

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