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Why Big Companies Choose our Products

What makes a great product? When you take a minute to think about it, every great product has a few key fundamentals in common.

First and foremost, it solves a problem or fulfills a need, either by offering a service or a product. A great product will be competitively priced, and the cost to have it delivered won’t break your bank. It can offer unique qualities and is made to last. This product holds credibility through testimonials or word of mouth referencing.

And perhaps the most important element in today’s convenience-driven society is that the product is easy. Easy to use, easy to buy, easy to understand and easy to install.

Fancy bells and whistles will never outweigh a product boasting these key elements and any success a dubious product gains through fancy advertising are destined to be short-lived.

NZ Blinds have worked with every size and industry imaginable simply due to supplying (and backing) every great product we offer.

Durable, Hardwearing Products

Past clients such as hotel and retirement village developments have the reassurance that our blinds will work time and again for customers aged 5 to 105. These blinds will be up and down countless times more than those in your average home and it is for this reason the product needs to stand up to a vigorous lifespan.

Quality and Consistency

When supplying blinds for 200-500 rooms, a consistency in colour, texture, and quality needs to be across the board. Companies all over the world spend millions on brand building each year to evoke the “feeling” they want their customers to experience.

Commercial customers expect all blinds to look, feel and operate the same in each and every room they have. The customer knows what they can expect from this hotel, giving continuity and affirming a trust level.


As an online business, we are able to serve remote parts of New Zealand and the South Pacific. Fiji Airways approached us as they found other New Zealand companies operated where staff came onsite to do their own measuring – which obviously wasn’t an option for them. They found our online video tutorial and checkpoint process easy to follow to avoid any mistakes.

Our customers also trust us to advise on the right product for the job. Before processing your order we can advise on an alternative blind if we feel it will better serve the purpose of a room.


The building, designing and filling of hundreds of rooms can eat into your company’s “bottom line”. Securing a quality product at an affordable price lets our customers know they have a product built to last at a price which corresponds with their budget. Furthermore, our New Zealand free delivery service* means no sneaky extras.

Available in Different Colourways

Some clients are looking for a one-off stand out designer roller blind to grab the customer’s attention – this is a great option for businesses like beauty and hair salons, design companies or blinds made for striking for window displays. On the flip-side accommodation based businesses, such as hotels, motels, and commercial buildings are looking for blinds which provide a blank canvas, making a room look and feel fresh and clean with minimal fuss. Our vast range makes all this possible.

Plus, all our blinds are made right here in New Zealand, giving us a level of customisation not always found through other suppliers.

Multi-purpose Products

Whether it is a hotel chain needing a blackout blind for their bedrooms, or a property management company who need a blind which gives privacy but still lets in ample natural light, our range of blinds meet the demand every time.

Order your samples now for a stress free start to a great product end.

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