Honeycomb and Blackout Roller Blinds: What’s the difference?

Blinds can be much more than a decorative touch in your home if you know what you’re looking for. Blackout blinds and honeycomb blinds are becoming an increasingly popular choice in our homes due to the added functionality they provide. But what’s the difference? To help you decide on your next blinds, we discuss the … Continued

Man installing blackout roller blinds

Choosing the Best Blinds for Damp Areas like Bathrooms and Kitchens

Choosing the right blinds for your bathroom and kitchen can be difficult due to the prevalence of moisture from cooking, showering, and cleaning. This can quickly lead to unhygienic and unattractive window coverings that you have to replace due to mould and rot. Below, we run you through some options that are perfect for damp … Continued

Bathtub in front of aluminium venetian blinds

Blind Style Guide: Window Blind Trends for 2022

Spending time within our own homes has never been more in style, or necessary. With more time within four walls, it’s time to revamp indoor décor, bringing comfort and style back into the spaces previously overlooked. Blinds are not only an important functional part of our interiors, but the right blind style can also be … Continued

Open venetian blinds letting the sunlight in

Why Aluminium is the Best Material for Blinds

What is the best material for blinds? We believe that aluminium has a good case. Aluminium is stylish, durable, cleanable, and affordable and might be just the thing your home needs. We discuss the reasons why aluminium is such a fantastic material for venetian blinds. Different Colours Aluminium blinds can come in a huge range … Continued

Cream aluminium venetian blinds

How to Choose Blinds for a Teenager’s Bedroom

Your child is growing up. As their needs change, so too will your window coverings. Window blinds for privacy, blackout blinds, and more—we go through what you need to consider when choosing the blinds for your teenager’s bedroom.  Privacy A child’s teenage years are full of change. This can be overwhelming. A space they can … Continued

Venetian blinds casting shadow

How to Choose the Right Roller Blinds for Your Home or Business

Deciding on what kind of roller blinds you want to furnish your home, store, or office with can be a difficult decision. With so many varieties of designs, colours, textures, operating systems, and materials to choose from, the choice can be overwhelming. Here we run you through the key things to decide upon to get … Continued

Beige patterned roller blind

The Essential Blackout Roller Blinds Guide

Get the control you need over lighting and privacy with some high-quality blackout blinds. With multiple styles available, and many benefits, these excellent window coverings make a welcome addition to nearly any home. Below, we go into detail about what blackout blinds are, and how they can be used in your home.  How do Blackout … Continued

Blackout roller blinds close up

Why Choose Window Blinds Over Curtains?

When furnishing your home one of the key things to decide on first is what will be used to cover your windows. While curtains are a common choice, we believe that the best option for nearly any type of home is to choose window blinds. Today we run through the top reasons why you should … Continued

White window blinds open with sunny green plants outside

What Are the Benefits of Venetian Blinds?

Choosing the right window coverings for your new or existing home can be a difficult decision to make. Venetian blinds are a versatile, adjustable, and affordable option to consider. NZ Blinds are your number one supplier of Venetian blinds online in NZ, and today we will run you through the many benefits of Venetian blinds. … Continued

Open Venetian blinds

Top 6 Perks of Motorised Roller Blinds

From their stylish appearance to their convenient and time-saving design, remote controlled roller blinds aren’t essential, but they do offer some great home benefits! Below, we list the top six advantages of motorised roller blinds. Read on to discover how you can use motorised blinds in your home for ultimate convenience and style.

A man standing next to a window, happily installing remote control roller blinds.
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