Bring Some Colour to Your Décor in Winter

New Zealand winters can dampen the mood. With the cold, the shorter days, and the gloomy skies, there’s always a chance to feel some seasonal blues. While we all head back indoors, it’s become more important to create warm, inviting, and uplifting home environments! Below, we explore some cost-effective ways to brighten up your home’s … Continued

Cosy pillow next to window overlooking chilly exterior

How to Save Money on Energy Bills in Winter

Winter is often a bigger drag on your energy bills. The heater is on, you’re spending more time at home, and using your appliances and gadgets more frequently. While it may be tempting to go ahead and turn off everything in the house and cocoon yourself in a cosy blanket, there are risks when NZ … Continued

Venetian Blinds before a winter sunset

Five Tips for Improved Sleep and Wellbeing

Sleep is truly an essential part of maintaining good physical health and mental wellbeing. If you’re one of many who has trouble getting quality sleep, don’t worry. Good sleep is more under your control than you might think. Have you ever heard the benefits of using blackout blinds? If not, read on!  There are many … Continued

Woman asleep in bed with blinds in background

The Best Blinds for Bay Windows

If your home has bay windows, you may be wondering what the best window covering option are for these unique and sometimes tricky angular spaces. While bay windows are excellent at providing your home with abundant natural light and an extensive outdoor view, you need window treatments that dress your bay windows well, and at … Continued

Plants in bay windowsill with blinds in background

How to Decorate Your Home on a Budget

Craving a house makeover but tight on budget? Don’t worry! There are many creative ways to achieve a refreshed interior look without breaking the bank. We share our best tips and tricks on quick and inexpensive makeovers to keep your space looking new, refreshed, and elegant! Declutter and re-organise Start by removing items that no … Continued

Clock on wall next to modern desk and lamp

Dark and Dusty? Create Better Lighting for Dark Rooms!

While a space that’s devoid of light, may indeed be conducive for a good night’s rest, hanging out in a dark and dusty room 24 hours of the day isn’t the most ideal. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to transform dim and dark spaces into brighter and more uplifting areas during the day, and … Continued

Man standing in dark room in front of bright window

Our Easy Guide to Refreshing Your Home Style

Is your home in need of a fresh look? A beautiful home setting isn’t just better on the eyes, it’s also more engaging and enjoyable to live in! If you need inspiration, this post offers practical and creative ideas for help you refresh your home. From choosing unique wall décor and refreshing your window blinds … Continued

Beautiful woman opening curtains at home

The Top 5 Benefits of Natural Wood Window Blinds

A popular choice among buyers, natural timber window blinds offer a classic appearance and a glow of warmth to any home setting. If you’re looking for beautiful window blinds to incorporate into your home design, consider the benefits of natural window solutions (such as wooden venetian blinds and shutters) listed below! 1. Durability With harsh … Continued

A wooden table in front of a window covered by wooden venetian blinds and sheer curtains.

Top 6 Home Office Lighting Ideas

Setting up to work from home can be a nice change from the hustle and bustle of working in a company building. However, making sure your home office is fresh and conducive for optimum productivity is important, and great lighting is an integral consideration of any home office set up. After all, getting the lighting … Continued

A woman sitting at her desk and smiling, looking up sunscreen roller blind solutions for her home office

Top Tips to Keep Cool This Summer

As we head into mid-January and the temperature rapidly rises, we are all tempted to turn on the air conditioning unit to cool our houses. However, as global warming levels and power bills are increasing, Kiwis must conserve energy, so we felt obliged to do our part and develop innovative ways to keep ourselves and … Continued

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