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Manufacturing Times

Current estimated manufacturing times:

5 working days for New Zealand manufactured 5 DAY ROLLER, 5 DAY FAUX WOOD VENETIAN and 5 DAY HONEYCOMB blinds

7-8 working days for New Zealand manufactured ROLLER, VERTICAL, ALUMINIUM and FAUXWOOD venetians

35-50 working days for imported HONEYCOMB, FAUX WOOD, ALUMINIUM and PHOENIXWOOD blinds

50-60 working days for imported SHUTTERS

How to Choose Window Blinds for Apartments

Apartment Window Blinds

Window blinds play a crucial role in apartment living and offer many benefits beyond mere decoration. Choosing the right window blinds can significantly improve energy efficiency, increase comfort levels, and transform the interior design of your living space. Whether you’re seeking privacy, better light control, or a stylish upgrade, we list what you should consider when buying apartment window blinds for a functional and visually appealing environment.

1. Balance Privacy and Light Control

Striking the right balance between privacy and natural light is essential for creating a comfortable and inviting living environment. While privacy is important, completely blocking natural light can make the apartment feel dark and confined. We recommend finding window blinds that offer adjustable light control options. A combination of blackout and sunscreen roller blinds hung on the same bracket can allow you to regulate the amount of light entering the space. This way, you can enjoy the benefits of natural light while maintaining the desired level of privacy at different times of the day.

2. Complement Your Apartment Aesthetics

Blinds that harmonise with your existing decor and apartment style can enhance its appeal. Select colours that blend seamlessly with the current colour palette or add a subtle pop of colour for visual interest. Utilise patterns creatively or design a custom-printed blind to add ambience, personality, and texture. This will create a cohesive and visually appealing atmosphere while reflecting your unique style. Request samples or swatches of different blind materials and colours if possible. This allows you to see how they look in your apartment, how they filter light, and how well they match your decor.

3. Measure Window Size and Type Accurately

Consider the window size and type to ensure a perfect fit and optimal functionality. Start by measuring your windows—take note of the width, height, and depth, making sure they are as precise as possible. Different window types may require specific blind styles or mounting techniques to ensure a seamless fit. For instance, narrow windows may benefit from slimline blinds, while larger windows might require wider blind options. Consider the mounting type you prefer, such as an inside or outside mount, based on the window frame and desired aesthetic. Accurate measurements will allow you to custom-make blinds that fit perfectly, ensuring a polished look and optimal functionality in your apartment. Check out our window measurement guide for more in-depth advice on how to do this accurately.

4. Select Durable Options

Man Cleaning Apartment Window Blinds

Blinds that are easy to clean and maintain are key to longevity and cleanliness in the long run. Select blinds made from aluminium, vinyl, or faux wood, which are known for their durability and resistance to moisture and fading. These will ensure that your blinds can withstand the demands of apartment living for long-lasting, clean, and visually appealing window treatments.

5. Set a Budget

Setting a budget for window blinds allows you to make informed decisions and find options that align with your financial constraints. Determine the amount you are willing to invest in window blinds and account for the number of windows you need to cover. Once you have established your budget, it’s time to explore cost-effective options without compromising quality.

Budget-friendly choices are available that offer good quality and functionality. These include blinds made from faux wood or vinyl, which provide an affordable alternative to real wood blinds while maintaining durability and style. Look for any promotions, sales, or discounts offered by manufacturers or retailers.

6. Enhance Safety

Cords can pose some risks, including entanglement and potential injuries, particularly in households with young children or pets. By choosing cordless blinds, you can eliminate these dangers while ensuring a secure environment for your loved ones. Cordless options also provide convenience and ease of use, granting you peace of mind as you navigate your daily routines. They offer a sleek and clean appearance, elevating the overall aesthetic of your apartment while helping you create a secure and worry-free space where everyone can thrive.

Customise the Perfect Blinds for Your Apartment

Whether you opt for Venetian blinds, roller blinds, vertical blinds, honeycomb blinds, or any other blind type, custom blinds offer many benefits. Explore a wide range of high-quality and customisable blind solutions at NZ Blinds – New Zealand’s leading online blinds store. Our versatile blind solutions will help transform your apartment into a stylish and functional haven. Shop online today to discover high-quality window blinds available at competitive prices.