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Manufacturing Times

Current estimated manufacturing times:

5 working days for New Zealand manufactured 5 DAY ROLLER, 5 DAY FAUX WOOD VENETIAN and 5 DAY HONEYCOMB blinds

7-8 working days for New Zealand manufactured ROLLER, VERTICAL, ALUMINIUM and FAUXWOOD venetians

35-50 working days for imported HONEYCOMB, FAUX WOOD, ALUMINIUM and PHOENIXWOOD blinds

50-60 working days for imported SHUTTERS

Get Smart About Blinds for Your Home With Motorised Blinds

Adding motorised blinds to a room provides an elegant solution to your home.  Motors can be controlled by a wall switch, timer, a handheld remote or home automation system.  There’s even the option of adding a motor to your existing blinds, if they are compatible. So, it’s best to check with us first so we can advise.

But why would I want motorised blinds? In a nutshell, these are the three key advantages to installing motorised blinds to your home, your office or your home away from home …


Worried about blinds with cords in your baby’s room? Without the cord you remove the worry of them swinging off it, choking or strangling themselves with it.   Toddlers aren’t the only ones who see blind cords as playthings – dogs and cats tend to love them too.


Some windows are in hard to reach places.  Double storey rooms, warehouses and home extensions usually have hard to reach windows which are necessary to ensure natural light comes into the room.  Motorised blinds are the perfect solution for these types of windows. It’s no different than choosing a non-motorised blind, as all our great fabric colours and specifications still apply.  Simply order a sunscreen, thermal or blackout blind and tick the automation box when ordering online.  Even Combo blinds can be automated, making your décor options even bigger.

Best of all, you can control multiple blinds using just the one remote!  A multi-channel remote can control up to 15 groups of blinds – which leads us to the next big benefit of motorised blinds.


We offer automation motors that are compatible with a smartphone controller.  This gives you the freedom to raise and lower your blinds any time of the day or night when you’re away from home.

Plus we have more helpful questions and answers about motorised blinds on our website.  If you’ve been thinking about the benefits of adjusting your window treatments at the touch of a button, NZ Blinds has certainly got you covered!