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Manufacturing Times

Current estimated manufacturing times:

5 working days for New Zealand manufactured 5 DAY ROLLER, 5 DAY FAUX WOOD VENETIAN and 5 DAY HONEYCOMB blinds

7-8 working days for New Zealand manufactured ROLLER, VERTICAL, ALUMINIUM and FAUXWOOD venetians

35-50 working days for imported HONEYCOMB, FAUX WOOD, ALUMINIUM and PHOENIXWOOD blinds

50-60 working days for imported SHUTTERS

Top 6 Perks of Motorised Roller Blinds

From their stylish appearance to their convenient and time-saving design, remote controlled roller blinds aren’t essential, but they do offer some great home benefits! Below, we list the top six advantages of motorised roller blinds. Read on to discover how you can use motorised blinds in your home for ultimate convenience and style.

1. Stylish & aesthetically pleasing design

Motorising your blinds is an excellent way to add a stylish and modern aesthetic to your home design. With no hanging cords or chains, they can declutter your interior and provide a refreshing atmosphere. The variety of trendy blind designs available at NZ Blinds ensures you can easily find colours, patterns, and designs to suit any preference and motorise them for ultimate convenience.

2. Convenient & time saving

The convenient and energy-saving design of motorised roller blinds is also a key advantage of this product. Motorisation removes the hassle and time it takes to manually lift and lower your blinds each day. If you have many windows in your home, this can save a lot of time! You can also schedule your blinds to open and close at specific times of the day. You could schedule them to open at the crack of dawn to help you wake up for work, or to close when you leave the house. You can even set them to close during the hottest parts of the day to protect your furnishings.

3. Adds an extra level of security

Because of the unique scheduling ability of motorised blinds, you can set them to open and close at certain times during the day while you’re out, to give the appearance that somebody is home. In this way, smart blinds can provide an extra level of security to deter would-be burglars from attempting to break into the premises.

4. Convenient for seniors

If you’re looking for a way to increase home comforts for an aged parent or grandparent, motorised blinds are an excellent option to invest in. Motorised roller blinds are not only ideal for seniors because they remove the manual strain of opening and closing heavy blinds, but they can also offer a feeling of empowerment! Many seniors suffer from ailments like backaches and arthritis (especially in the hands), which can make even the smallest tasks feel strenuous. On top of this, if your grandparent already has a smart home system, motorised blinds can easily be integrated to work alongside other smart appliances such as smart lights, thermostats, awnings, and more.

5. Ideal for hard to reach windows

When it comes to hard-to-reach blinds on large windows, skylight windows, or windows placed in other inconvenient locations, manually closing and opening them daily can be a challenge. While you can install long chains and cords or stow away extendable rods, it’s not always the best solution. Motorised roller blinds can easily solve these dilemmas and remove any hassle from the task, so you have no reason to worry about backaches and strains caused by raising and lowering your blinds!

6. Child & pet safety

When you have pets and small children at home, cords and chains can be a serious hazard, especially if they hang low to the ground. As parents and pet owners alike, maintaining a safe and secure home environment is a top priority. Because of their cordless design and easy remote control (which can be placed high, out of reach), motorised roller blinds can be used as an effective child-safety precaution¾giving any parent peace of mind when it comes to the safety of their little one.

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