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Best Dog and Cat-Proof Window Treatments for Pet Owners

What can you do to protect your window blinds when you have pets in the house? We all know the joy of having a little furry friend close by, but unfortunately, pets can be little mischief-makers when it comes to your window blinds.

Today, we reveal some of the best window blinds for pet owners and provide a few tips and tricks on how to prevent damage to your blinds!

Why do pets destroy your beloved blinds?

Whether they’re ruining the cordage, bending or snapping the slats, or chewing and scratching at the fabric—there are many reasons why pets just love to mess with blinds. Even the best-behaved dog can occasionally end up make us sigh over a mangled blind or soiled fabric curtain. But, why are pets sometimes such menaces to our blinds and curtains?

Dogs and Puppies

There are several reasons why dogs and puppies may end up attacking your blinds:

  1. They see a threat or something to play with outside. If they are territorial by nature, dogs are likely to jump up against the window and scratch if they see people or other animals moving around outside.
  2. They are suffering from separation anxiety. If your dog is suffering from separation anxiety whenever you leave the house, they may be looking for a way to relieve their anxiety—which often comes in the form of chewing. Pro tip: to decrease their anxiety, increase their exercise time so they are more exhausted before you go out. Learn more about dog separation anxiety and tips and treatments.
  3. They just need to chew. Chewing is a natural instinct for even the calmest of dogs. While some canines prefer socks or shoes as chew toys, others love chewing on window blinds. Pro tip: buying specific chew toys for them to use instead of your blind can help to relieve them of this need.

Cats and Kittens

Cats and kittens are cute enough to get away with murder, but why would they destroy your window blinds?

  1. Cats like to watch. Natural observers of the world, cats find birds and prey far more interesting than you, resting on the couch. If curtains are closed, they will often bend the blinds and push them out of the way to look through. Pro tip: if you want to keep your current blinds intact and maintain your privacy, consider installing a small cat curtain underneath you’re your blind with a tension rod.
  2. Felines love their sunbathing. Cats love to bathe in the warmth of the sun, which often tempts them to squeeze behind closed window blinds to get to the light. Pro tip: If your cat does this, keeping the blind slightly open to allow them wiggle-room to move behind the blind without damaging the blind or cords.
  3. The temptation of corded blinds. Often, corded blinds are just too tempting a play toy for cats and kittens to paw at. But these cords can actually be dangerous for kitties if they get tangled up in them. Pro tip: get cordless blinds to avoid this dilemma altogether or buy a cord holder that keeps the cord of your blind well out of the way.

While it is impossible to always prevent these incidents from happening, especially considering that there are times when you won’t be home to see it, buying the right type of window treatments can help to vastly reduce damage and costs caused by your pets.

Best Window Treatments for Pets

There is no such thing as a completely pet-proof window blind, but we do have some excellent suggestions!

  • Venetian Blinds. Faux wood blinds and real wood venetian blinds that feature wide slat designs will allow your pets to see out easily but prevent them from wedging themselves through the gaps (unlike aluminium or vinyl venetians). If a slat is broken, it can easily be replaced individually.
  • Vertical blinds. For kitties who like to bend blinds to get behind them, vertical blinds are a great solution to try. Cats can easily slip through the vertical slats without damaging them, and if the slats do get dirty or damaged, instead of getting the whole blind replaced, all you need to do is replace the individual louvre. Any grime or hair that gets stuck on them can be easily wiped away and PVC louvres can be washed with soap and water.
  • Sunscreen roller blinds. An effective solution to consider, sunscreen roller blinds are especially purrfect if your cat likes to slip behind the blind for sunbathing. If you set up your roller blind on the outside mount of your window, then your cat will have enough room behind the blind to sit and stare at neighbours, dogs, and cars that go by for hours.
  • Interior shutters, especially PVC ones, are another excellent choice as they will be durable against the efforts of your pets. However, if your pet has a chewing problem, it may be better to choose venetian blinds or vertical blinds, as replacing shutters can be expensive.

Window Treatments to Avoid

Some of the worst window treatments to get when you have pets includes the following:

  • Aluminium venetian blinds. Your cat won’t be able to resist the temptation of bending it out of shape to see through the window.
  • Small slat blinds. Kittens won’t be able to see through small-slatted blinds and will bend the slats to see through.
  • Dangling cords. These should be avoided if possible, as pets can get tangled up in them and potentially get hurt.
  • Fabric shades. Fabric shades and cellular shades may end up being used as a climbing wall by curious kittens.
  • Puddling drapes. These will be magnets for cat hair and will be the ultimate hide-and-seek temptation for young kittens.

In need of quality window blinds purrfect for you and your pets?

If you’re looking for window blinds that are pet-friendly, stylish, and made to last, NZ Blinds can deliver. We provide high-quality blinds of all kinds, from venetian blinds and roller blinds to vertical blinds, shutters, and more. Explore our range online for the best prices and quality and order your blinds today. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us and we’ll happily help you out.