Room Darkening – The blind has a blackout coating (mylar) to ensure that they really do
darken a room. Mylar is a stretched polyester film and is commonly used in products such
as space blankets, protective plastic coatings and insulators, because of its proven
thermal and insulting properties. Room darkening blinds has the highest thermal efficiency
of all the fabric types. With standard factory clearances there is a 4.75mm gap between
the jamb and the fabric on each side so some light bleed does occur at the side of the
blind. If you are very sure of your measurements you could add 2-3mm to your smallest
size measured and thereby reduce this light gap slightly.

Cord Type Corded (Standard) Supplied with one set of cords that raise and lower build. Cord cleat use to maintain loose cords when blind raised.

Cord Type Smartrise(Cordless) Blind raised and lowered using pull handle located on bottom rail
of blind.

Design Type Top Down Bottom Up (TDBU) raises blind from bottom, as standard, but allows for blind
to be lowered from the top (blocking off bottom of opening and leaving top exposed).

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Honeycomb 45mm Room Darkening

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