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Manufacturing Times

Current estimated manufacturing times:

5 working days for New Zealand manufactured 5 DAY ROLLER, 5 DAY FAUX WOOD VENETIAN and 5 DAY HONEYCOMB blinds

7-8 working days for New Zealand manufactured ROLLER, VERTICAL, ALUMINIUM and FAUXWOOD venetians

35-50 working days for imported HONEYCOMB, FAUX WOOD, ALUMINIUM and PHOENIXWOOD blinds

50-60 working days for imported SHUTTERS

The Benefits of Installing Venetian Blinds in your Study

What are the best blinds to invest in for your study rooms or at-home workspaces? You might think it doesn’t matter, or that any old blind will do. However, the blinds you choose can make a big difference in the overall comfort of the room, boosting or hampering your productivity.

Today, we walk you through some of the benefits of Venetian blinds and explain why they are the best solution for your study or workspace.

1. Venetian blinds prevent glare

Venetian blinds illuminated by the glare of the sun

With their easy-to-operate design, Venetian blinds can be adjusted throughout the day to prevent glare for maximum productivity. Light glare can not only be distracting when it reflects off computer screens and surfaces; it can also cause damage to your devices and furniture. Blinds that can easily be adapted to suit the weather conditions throughout the day—while not completely blocking out all the natural light—are the best solutions to maintain your workspace and make studying more comfortable.

2. They maintain easy access to natural light

A woman's hand rotating the white slats of her Venetian blinds

Completely blocking out glare and brightness with thick fabric curtains during the harshest hours of the day is not an ideal solution. Your room will be completely dark! You may end up wasting electricity to keep the lights on during the day. Working in the dark could also be bad for your eyesight.

Alternatively, Venetian blinds are designed to give users maximum freedom to adjust the light in their room, protecting against glare while still letting natural light filter through. The horizontal slats that Venetian blinds feature can be rotated nearly 180 degrees. The adjustability of the slats also means that you can maintain an outside view while you work. Looking outside and giving your eyes a break from the computer screen has never been easier.

3. Reduce heat in summer

In the hottest months of the year, Venetian blinds can bring blessed relief from the heat. Summer can not only make you sleepy and cause your concentration to waver; it can also make your computer and devices overheat! To prevent heat from accumulating and stagnating in the room, Venetian blinds can easily be tilted to let the breeze waft through without letting the room heat up at the same time. So, the next time you’re feeling hot and sweaty while working in your study, open up your window, keep the door slightly ajar, and let the draft pass through the room to bring you respite and help you concentrate.

For the best quality Venetian blinds

At NZ Blinds, our comprehensive range of Venetian blinds includes varying and customisable designs, mounting types, and materials to suit any room in the house. No matter the window size, we can create your custom fittings within just a few weeks to suit your requirements. For more information on our wide range, view our available blinds online in New Zealand and contact us today with any queries you may have about our Venetian blinds, roller blinds, or other designs on offer.